Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Blip: Pressed vs. Loose Eyeshadow, and why?

Hey everyone!

Today's entry is just going to be a short one. A lot of people ask me if I prefer pressed or loose eyeshadows, and why. The short answer to that, is I prefer pressed eyeshadows, but here's why!

There are benefits and effects to both pressed and loose eyeshadows. My personal preference is pressed, because they are more compact and portable. Pressed shadows give you a bit greater control over how much pigment you want on your brush, and they tend to be a little less messy! Fallout is typically far less with a pressed shadow than with a loose one, it can seem like you're wasting more product when it creates more fallout.
However, there are many benefits to using loose eyeshadows too! Loose eyeshadows are easier to use wet. Sometimes when you go to use a pressed shadow wet, the formula can cause there to be a sort of crust, over the place where you wet it. With a loose shadow, this is never a problem. While they tend to be a bit more fallout prone, it's easier to get a gorgeous 'foiled' effect using a loose eyeshadow. 

I have quite a bit of both pressed and loose eyeshadows, and I love both forms for different reasons! I just find myself reaching for pressed shadows more often than loose ones!

What about you? What is your personal preference, and why?


  1. Interesting read. I don't think I have a preference to be honest, I like them both and understand their differences but I do feel like my loose eyeshadow has a stronger pigmentation than my pressed ones. Also they look prettier, so if I had to chose, it would probably be those xD

  2. I must be using bad pressed shadows... I always have fallout when I use pressed shadows, but I only have fallout with loose shadows when they contain glitter. Lol i have tooonnnssss of shadows from one company and I love the intense pigmentation and amazing blendability (is it even a word?) Along with reduced fallout (lol)

    1. Blendability can totally be a word from now on! xD It can totally depend on the company too! I know I have some pressed shadows that get more pigmentation all over my face than on my eyelids!

  3. For me, definitely pressed. They're just easier & more convenient. But I do like loose as well-many of the inexpensive mineral pigments I love come loose & I know I can always press them, but often I'll use them as is, & I personally think loose is better when you're using it with a mixing medium or transformer to make eyeliner. Only thing though is that it's easy to use too much then have it sort of 'crack' and fall off, if that makes any sense