Monday, November 19, 2012

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

Hello everyone! I know it's been literally MONTHS since I've posted, and my blog needs some serious TLC. But today I'm going to write you a review on Urban Decay's Build your own palette system!

What it is:

Urban Decay is coming to you with the ultimate personalized beauty experience. They're known for their palettes, but sometimes not every color is the color you want, and you end up buying an entire palette for just one gorgeous color. While the other colors are neglected and go to waste!
Now you can buy an empty 6 pan palette, and fill it with your own UD shadows. And actually, it doesn't come empty, because every one already includes a free eyeshadow, in ABC Gum (Top Left shadow shown) and you get a brush too!
UD makes it easier than ever to create your perfect palette. Even their depotting system is a breeze. 

Personally, when this was released, I wasn't too overly excited. I only had one shadow that was a single, and I have countless palettes. But recently, UD hosted a flash sale, buy any two eyeshadows, and get the palette (including free shadow) for free. With free shipping. Sold. My guess is that they're either revamping the design, or coming up with a new system, because they're just giving them out like that. Either that, or they're even more amazing than I already thought! I decided to buy Mildew and Loaded, and already owned a single of Mushroom.

Depotting system:

Everybody who has ever tried to depot, or usually depots shadows knows, it's a gamble, and can be messy business. Usually ending up with shadow everywhere, mangled hot plastic, and if worst comes to worst, gouged/broken eyeshadows. 
UD must be aware of this. Because every one of their single eyeshadows is easily depottable. All you literally have to do is flip it upside down, and push on the back! (This is for all the shadows in with NEW token design. The old design is a little more tricky)

Single Shadow
Flip over, push gently on the back. Have it close to a soft surface, or be ready to catch it, because it will pop out easily!
And this is whats left!
One thing I really love about the system, is that it leaves the packaging completely intact. So if you want to take that color out of your palette, or don't feel like lugging the whole palette with you, you can just stick your shadow right back into the single packaging. 
The shadow itself is still housed in some of the plastic surroundings, so its pretty insulated and protected, and this plastic insert fits right into the palette and snaps into place. They're extremely easy to remove or move around in the palette, so you don't have to be too picky when placing them. All of the shadows maintain their labels, so you'll never have to guess which shadows you have.
However, if you plan to depot your UD shadows to place into other palettes (ZPalette, or something that is  NOT The UD palette) you will still need to take another step to get this shadow out from the smaller plastic housing. 


I really like the idea of The UD Build Your Own Palette system. I will be buying two more shadows to fill it up! It was brilliant for them to make their shadows easily depottable to fit the palette, they're really listening to their customers need for customization. I also think making the depotted shadows have a system to fit into their palette only was a clever business strategy. Why wouldn't you buy a UD palette if its the easiest way to get your own custom UD palette?
If it wasn't for the awesome deal they had going on with it, I probably wouldn't have bothered with it though. Its kind of expensive, and filling it up with UD singles gets expensive as well.