Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Clueless Witch: Lime Crime 'Gothatines' Review!

Hey everyone! 

Today I have a review on the much anticipated brand new Velvetines from Lime Crime, The Clueless Witch Collection! 

Lime Crime launched Velvetines in the original shade Red Velvet, and their line of them has increased to six shades since then. I have never tried the shades that came before these; Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, or Suedeberry. 

There are three shades in the Clueless Witch collection. Wicked, a matte burgundy red, Salem, a matte chcoclate brown, and Black Velvet, deepest matte black. They are a liquid formula, that dries completely velvety matte, are extremely longwearing and opaque, and come with a doe-foot applicator. 

Upon first application
Dried down
Personally, I find the doe foot applicator to be very messy. It's VERY easy to get wayyy too much product on your lips, when you need very little. These aren't a 'grab-and-go' apply on the run type of product. I find that I need to perfect application and my lip line with a lip brush, and application would be easier if they just had a little brush on the end instead of the doe foot applicator. I can get just about a full day (at least 8 hours) of wear time out of these. Through eating, drinking, talking, and normal wear. The color will start to wear away around the inside part of your lips first, but at least 90% of the color you started with will be there at the end of the day. Which is awesome, because this is a really, really tough product to touch-up on the go. 

As for the colors, Black Velvet is really the deepest, matte black. Which is pretty amazing, because black lipstick, or even wearing black eyeliner as lipstick, becomes patchy, uneven, and generally pretty gross looking VERY quickly. Black Velvet doesn't do that. I can literally give my boyfriend (or cat) a kiss on the forehead, and have NO transfer left behind. With a black lip. Salem, is the most interesting (obviously) because it's straight up brown. Not a brown-based red, not a brownish purple. It's just plain brown. I was actually going to skip out on this one, because it's so strange, but I decided to get it because it was unlike anything I currently have, or will probably ever have in the future. It honestly is more wearable and interesting than I was expecting, and I was expecting to hate it. Wicked is a gorgeous deep red. It really suits my skin tone, and the velvety matte finish just makes it almost the perfect red for me. 

However, these products are really, REALLY drying. I'm a huge fan of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars, so I'm pretty used to the drying, longwearing, liquid lipstick feeling on my lips. But damn, these, after a few hours, they were painfully dry. Like, cracking and taking my lips with them dry. A gloss or lip butter can help soothe that a bit, but it'll (obviously) void the matte finish, and you'll have a higher chance of transfer and smudges. 

Other than the dryness, I have one, major beef with these products. Obviously, there's the whole 'Lime Crime Scandal' thing, that honestly affects A LOT of consumers opinions about the brand as a whole. And many people have just decided to not purchase from Lime Crime at all. I'm not here to discuss that. (google it if you aren't aware and are interested, you'll have your reading for a whole afternoon!) I'm talking purely about the products here. While comparing similar products, I noticed that the Velvetines contain 2.6mL of product, for $20 a pop. And THEN I noticed that OCC Lip Tars contain 10mL for $18 a pop. FOUR TIMES THE PRODUCT! You get a fourth of the product of a lip tar, for a higher price. Also, the NYX soft matte lip creams are a similar product, contain 8mL of product for about $5-6. 
Before I purchased these, I didn't look at how much product it contained (because I usually don't), but because there are so many other 'liquid lipstick' products out these days, I noticed that as a comparison point. Talk about a serious rip off/lack of product! 

As a conclusion, I personally, honestly do like these products. I'm glad that I purchased them, and I'm happy to use them and can see myself wearing them on occasion. If I were to go Temptalia style and give them a grade, I'd give them around a B-. However, I've decided that I will NOT be purchasing another velvetine from Lime Crime. I'll be sticking to my OCC lip tars, I'll probably never finish a whole one in my life. 

Check out my video review here!:

Did you pick up any velvetines from the Clueless Witch collection? Or do you have any of the other velvetines? Are you a fan of them or do you prefer something else? Let me know in the comments!

[This product was purchased by me with my own money and I'm not in any way endorsed or affiliated with Lime Crime.]


  1. Damn, I had no idea how little product they had! You should check out pretty zombie cosmetics' liquid lipstick range, I love love their purples xD They also have a black which I picked up literally the day before LC announced this collection. I think they should have done a more vampy packaging for this set as it looks off with the dark colors. Love the look of Wicked!

    1. I've heard those are amazing! And a lot of people go for them instead of the Velvetines!

  2. Approximately ~$25 for a pretty meager amount of liquid lip product? Meh. I found them on eBay from a Canadian seller at ~$24 :P I'll buy from them instead and just cut out Lime Crime's site. Apparently orders are getting really badly delayed from Lime Crime right now. I also need more of NYX's Soft Mattes, LOVE them.

    On the upside, there's a boutique here that sells OCC! No need for shipping with the entire selection on hand. That's part of what irks me with Sephora; barely any Lip Tars in store--only NSFW, Queen, Strumpet and Clear.

    1. My little baby Sephora inside JCP here just got an OCC section! I became so weak in the knees, and in the wallet xD

      I've heard some people haven't gotten them yet and they pre-ordered March 19th. ALSO I noticed that in the beginning of March when they announced the date, it was just that they were coming out on the 19th, then about a week before that, they changed it to PRE-ORDER on the 19th. Those slimy bastards!

    2. Lucky!XDD I wish my Sephora had a slot for OCC.XP I have no idea if we even have a Sephora-in-JCP nearby... I'll investigate this ↜( ◞ ◣﹏◢)◞ψ

      Wow. That's REALLY poor planning... I was just looking at their Facebook and there are people complaining about their orders from March still delayed to April 8th D: I get IMATS is this weekend and that they did a big release, but still. I feel bad for these girls!

  3. I usually NEVER splurge on makeup. Like I'm such a Frugal Franny that I will debate with myself on buying something expensive and just end up never getting it. I had some extra cash when these were announced and I was like "I'm doing it!" So I bought 2 at first, Salem and Wicked. Then I saw a lot of people ordering Black Velvet and actually you saying you ordered all 3 made me inquire for the 3rd one. Why not have em all right? So now I'm out almost $70 for THREE lip products. But worth it right? :P

    At a store, the first thing I compare is how much is in each and how much it costs to see which is the better deal. I don't know why I don't do that online too! If I would have noticed I wouldn't have gotten them. BUT then I'd be missing out because I really do enjoy how opaque these are. However, like you, I won't be buying these or any other Lime Crime product again. Way too steep. And now that I know more about the OCC lip tars, I may give those ones a shot. I've never been huge on any high maintenance lip products so wearing these I'll have to get used to it.

    I really trust your reviews and your insight on products. So far everything that I've gotten that you've recommended, I have loved. I just bought the Acid palette thanks to your Neons vid :P I agree with everything you said here.

    *Also, a tip for your drying lips, try putting a nice thick balm on like 30 minutes before you do your makeup and after giving them a little scrub from dead skin. Then do one more sweep, of one layer only, when you start your makeup. When you get to your lips they should feel moisturized and be a good base for these. Your lips will still dry up but not as fast.*

    1. I almost never check the see the amount v. the price, but something irked me to check with these. Probably because of how much you get in Lip Tars. I definitely recommend you try them out!

      I'm so glad to hear that you trust my reviews! I try to be as honest and up-front about my opinions as possible. Definitely not one of those "O.M.G. These are the BEST thing thats ever happened to me!! They cracked my lips right off my face but you should DEFF check them out!" beauty bloggers xD

      I already use lip scrubs, and thick lip balm at the very beginning of my makeup routine, so it has time to sink in before I get to lips! Even with all of that though, still so much pain! They needed some serious TLC after these guys.

  4. OCC lip tars get all over your face in ten minutes and they fade and feather like crazy. Lime Crime has always stayed put. There is no comparison for me. Honestly, I think it's worth the extra $5.
    Also, people need to stop hating. It's a great brand with great products and devoted and passionate product developers.

  5. Lime Crime launched Velvetines in the original shade Red Velvet, and their line of them has increased to six shades since then. I have never ...