Sunday, July 28, 2013

Product Review: Jesse's Girl Glowstix Lipgloss.

  Hey everyone!
Today's post is just going to be a quick review of something AWESOME I spotted at the drugstore recently. 
And that would be the Jesse's Girl Glowstix Lipglosses!

Seriously, as a I walked by these glosses, I stopped dead in my tracks, and knew I needed to have all three shades that were available. They're $4.99 each at my local Rite Aid. While the way they looked in the packaging drew me in, I was curious as to how they would apply, and how they would look on the lips. 

Brush tip applicator
Left to right: Tangerine, Wicked, Red Dawn
While they all look very similar in the light in their packaging, you can really see the difference in the colors when swatched, or when worn on the lips. They give such a neat holographic effect!

Left to right: Tangerine, Wicked, Red Dawn, worn over bare lips.
When applied, Tangerine gives off a slight orangey sheen, with hunts of greens and other colors. Probably the most variety in shades is found in this one. Wicked, is clearly the most interesting color. It gives off a green glow, and literally looks like you've cracked open a glowstick, and smeared it all over your lips! (Hey, maybe not for everyone, but Halloween IS ONLY 95 days away.) And Red Dawn is the most neutral of the bunch. Mostly clear, but gives off a pretty reddish/pinkish glow. 

On their own, very interesting, but these could be paired with ANY lip color or lipstick to take it to a whole new dimension! For $4.99 a pop, I would definitely recommend picking at least one of these up and giving it a try. If anything, it looks interesting on your makeup desk or in your purse!

See my video review here:

(All products here were purchased by me)


  1. Do you know where they can be purchased, i just finished up my last tube and i cant seem to find them on the website :c

  2. I want to put this on top of my Kat Von d everlasting liquid lipstick. Will it break it down and make it less er 'everlasting' ?

    How can I get this in the uk?

  3. So I FINALLY got a hold of one of these little babies yesterday! But get this!...... The lady at Walgreens told me that they sell out every week, GUARANTEE. So I got the very last one and it was not the shade I was wanting (I really wanted to try Wicked but ended up with Tangerine) but I have been wanting to try one of these so bad I just grabbed it why the Gettn' Was Good! I just did a Youtube video and article on Holographic Makeup and I must say from my personal expierience, it's pretty hit or miss! Although with Glow Stix Lipgloss I was at least pleasently surprised after I put it over a liquid lipstick! The other Holographic Lipgloss I tried did not go nearly as well..... Just 2 words...... milk Mars. I'm still so pissed that I spent a ungodly amount of hard earned money on a little tube of Diddly Crap Squat! Raaaarrrrr! So I almost gave up on Holographic Makeup altogether! So Jesse's Girl Glow Stix really came into my life at the absolute perfect moment! B/c I really do love the look of Holo, it makes me feel like a Kickass Unicorn Alien! Plus, anything Rainbow just straight up makes me Smile. :) I was wondering if anyone has found any other great Holo Finds Lately? Oh Oh Oh!!!!...... and please check out my youtube channel Cheap Beauty Deals at:
    I'm soooooo close too 500 subscribers I can taste it! & kiss it! & pretty much Make Out with it!!!! ;) LOL!
    I'm almost done finishing the Holo video & you can see what I mean by milk Mars...... Grrrrrrr. I want more AMAZING Holo products! Who is Holdin!? ;)