Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lensvillage Geo Black Circle Lens Review!

Welcome back everyone!
Today I'm bringing you my FIRST EVER circle lens review! Some quick background, I have been a contact lens wearer since I was about 12 years old, so I have no issues putting in, wearing, or taking out contacts. My eyes are fairly used to contact lens and don't require any sort of specialty brand. Aside from having a ridiculously strong prescription (-6.50, yes, I'm blind as a bat!) my eyes are fairly normal

Lens Village had contacted me and asked if I had wanted to try some circle lenses, at first I honestly had no idea you could get circle lenses in a prescription as strong as my eyes require! 
It was ridiculously difficult to narrow it down to the pair I wanted to try, so many colors and options! I finally decided on a pair of black lenses that would work with my natural eye color. I chose the Geo Black Circle Lenses from Geo Medical. 

These lenses are bascially just a black outline to your iris, that blend with the edges of your own eye color to create the illusion of your eyes being more intense and doll-like! I really love the look these lenses give my light colored eyes! 

A dumb amount of selfies wearing these... They can intensify any look!
 Overall, these lenses are fairly comfortable. They do feel a bit different than regular contact lenses, Thicker may be the correct word to describe the feeling. However I still feel like my eyes can breathe without being too irritated. Also the prescription strength is great. I had no issues seeing with these contacts even though they were different than my usual contacts. I definitely cannot wear them as long as regular contacts due to the thicker feeling, but I can wear these for a solid 6-8 hours max. 

I am in love with these lenses! Do you wear/own any circle lenses? If so, which are your favorites? What colors do you love to rock the most?

[[Lenses sent to me for review from All opinions and photos are 100% my own!]]