Friday, July 25, 2014

My Pretty Zombie: Top 10 Picks!!

Hey guys!!

I know this is a blog post you've ALL been waiting for...
I'm sure most of you know by now, that I've recently taken on the massive task of creating the eye swatches for the My Pretty Zombie website. (Most of you are aware by now that I have also done eye swatches for Concrete Minerals as well, and if you weren't, then yep, those ARE my eyeballs all over CM's website!) Well guess what? I'm FINALLY done!! I've finally completed this huge task I took on almost three months ago! Along with a massive sense of accomplishment, (and total eyeball world domination) I've gotten a LOT of questions about the brand and what my favorites are! 
My Pretty Zombie is a brand I was familiar with only very briefly before getting in touch with Andrea, the owner of MPZ. Andrea is totally sweet, and we have very, VERY similar personalities, so our inner goth meshed well with one another xD. She had asked me if I was interested in working with her, and of course, I agreed. I had only tried one, limited edition eyeshadow from MPZ and was craving more! Little did I realize, that this little indie company had some shades that packed some SERIOUS punch! I can tell you right now, that almost every shadows I tried was hardly what it appeared to be. You may THINK you're putting on just a plain, slightly shimmery, medium brown eyeshadow, and suddenly tones of pink, purple, and flashes of red come to life on your eyelid. Honestly MPZ has some of the most unique shades I have ever tried. 

Let's just get onto the damn picks because I know that's why you're here! Listing them in no particular order, except alphabetical, because that's how my computer arranges things. 

First up is 13 Gypsies. MPZ describes this shade as:  a warm heavy copper with copper glitter.
I do find it to be a slightly more golden-based than red-based copper, however, it is gorgeous nonetheless! I knew I was going to like this shade before I even took the shrink wrap off! 

Next shade is Anthrax. You can find this color within The Husbandry Affliction collection. MPZ describes this shade as: Purple to Green with a gold to red shift.
The green shift is the most obvious in this color, but you can see the reddish undertones lurking within, the gold shift is very slight, but green tends to dominate it a bit more. Purples and greens are two of my favorite colors, so putting them together like this is an instant win in my book!

Third on the list is Black Eye. MPZ describes this color as: a dark red with a slight purple tinge that looks like you took a punch.
I really don't think it can get more accurate than that!! I found with this shade, that depending on where your put it and how you blended it, it can be super complex. Notice the shadow in the crease, that is NOT another color I'm wearing along with Black Eye! 

Brisket. This color can be found within the Butcher Shop Collection on the website. MPZ describes this shade as: copper with a red to gold shift.
ARE. YOU. SEEING. THIS?! Seriously. One eyeshadow, is capable of this result. If you look at this shade and go 'meh', just don't even talk to me ever. This eyeshadow is incredible and it literally makes me stutter. 

Next up on my list is Dissolution. You can find this color within the Blue Period Collection on the website. MPZ describes this as: Purple/blue base.
Let's be honest, that description does nothing for this beautiful color! There is some seriously amazing pink/purple/reddish glitter and shimmer running through this color. Paired with the purple and blue base, it is just one of the most beautiful things I've ever laid my eyes on. (Or have laid on my eyes?) 

Another star from the Blue Period Collection is Infirmary. MPZ describes this as: Mossy green/blue base.
Again, the description doesn't do this guy justice! There are bolts of light green and goldish (not like, super yellow gold) glitter and shimmer running through this shade! Honestly if you're going to pick one collection, and you like blue, super shimmery eyeshadow, go for The Blue Period. You will NOT be disappointed!

Next is mNg no. 2. MPZ describes this shade as: Peachy pink with a golden green shift.
I'm not really usually a huge fan of pinks, BUT, the greenish/blue/teal duochrome running through this shadow is incredible! (Can you tell I'm a sucker for duochromes yet?)

Pasty Ass. MPZ describes this shade as:  a very light matte beige.
I actually love this color. And you're probably thinking to yourself "seriously? wtf?" BUT I DO! I love that it has some amount of grey in it (on me, keep in mind, my skin is basically translucent) and I think it's a pretty taupe color. It would be perfect as a transitioning shade for cool-toned looks!

Scurvy. MPZ describes this shade as: Less annoying than the real thing! This fabulous color is orange orange shimmer!
On me, this is a gorgeous, rusty orange shade. (I'm trying to remember the last time I heard 'gorgeous' and 'rusty' in the same sentence...)

Last, but never least, is Static. MPZ describes this color as: beetle green with a gold sheen.
Couldn't go without including a green of course! This color is absolutely beautiful and the golden shimmer is to die for!

Although I thought it was impossible to narrow it down to 10, I guess this will have to do. There are SOO many other gore-geous shades to choose from as well, depending on what you're looking for! I had a ridiculously fun time working with MPZ and Andrea, and I can't wait to use these shadows in my daily looks! I would definitely recommend you check MPZ out. Tell them Biohazardous Beauty sent you! ;D

Find all of these shades are more at:

(All shadows swatched over primer!)


  1. These are amazing. All their shadows look amazing. I'll have to order few. Brisket, Witchery and Black eye are gorgeous...

  2. These are all so gorgeous! I can't wait to try some of their eyeshadows someday. Brisket looks phenomenal.

  3. I love almost every shade! The first one is stunning!

  4. I adore duochrome colors! And now I think I'll need all of them :D Must go and make a wishlist ^^

  5. I was considering picking up the blue period collection/set so i'm glad to see 2/3 of those colors on here ^^ Static is my favorite one that you've shared and Brisket looks gorgeous too!