Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Glitter, No Glory!

Recently I received a little surprise in the mail...

The lovely ladies at Beautylish and Lit Cosmetics surprised me with a bright and sparkly package! As you may have noticed (if you're a member at Beautylish) they have just launched a boutique featuring Lit Cosmetics glitters! Lit is a company I have been wanting to try for AGES, I've heard nothing but amazing things about their glitter and especially their glitter base. I've never been able to afford to order from Lit, so getting this opportunity just made my entire year!

Inside was a cute little note from the ladies at Beautylish, 4ml size of their Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, a mini brush, their neat little glitter removal device, and a full size of Boogie Nights S2 glitter. Boogie Nights is a shade exclusive to the Beautylish Boutique!

Boogie Nights is described as:

"Boogie Nights (Shimmer Size #3) is a Medium cut multi-dimensional true purple glitter that flashes an iridescent array of golden yellow and pastel shades including lilac, pale pink, pale green, and pale blue sparkles. (4g - 0.14oz)"
(Description taken from Beautylish)

So of course, I had to test it out right away!

Here I applied Boogie Nights using the glitter base over a black eyeshadow. It made all of the different colors that reflect pop so much! 
Full list of products used in this look can be found on my Beautylish profile at:

Since the boutique opened up, I went ahead and purchased 3 more glitters from Beautylish.

L to R: Seeing Stars S3, Cayman S2, Gunsmoke S2
I think, especially side by side, you can really see the different in the glitter sizes. Cayman and Gunsmoke are obviously a lot finer than Seeing Stars. So the sizes you choose do make a difference! 

L to R: Boogie Nights, Seeing Stars, Gunsmoke, and Cayman (Swatched over Lit Base)
L to R: Boogie Nights, Seeing Stars, Gunsmoke, and Cayman. (Swatched over Lit Base)
In the second photo you can really see the different colors the glitters give off. Boogie Nights gives off more of greenish and orangish colors, while Seeing Stars is more multicolored. Gunsmoke is a gorgeous grey glitter, and it gives off silver and white highlights. However, it's not silver. It's darker and more of a dirty grey, which I think is crazy unique! Cayman is an amazing teal glitter. Since it's Size #2, it's finely cut, and doesn't give off that 'HEY I'M AN OBNOXIOUS COLORED GLITTER' vibe. If you fanned it out across your lid/over an eyeshadow, it could almost be passed off as a super shimmery shadow. 

All in all, I am SO IN LOVE with these glitters. I've been eyeing up all the other amazing colors at Lit Cosmetics. There are just SO many options! I want to own them all and be the glitter queen xD

Wearing Boogie Nights over black!
What about you? Are you a glitter person? Ever tried Lit Cosmetics? 

***Disclaimer*** Products shown were sent to me by the company for the purpose of reviewing. However, complimentary products never receive special treatment, I review them just like I'd review something I bought myself. My opinions expressed here are purely my own, and are not influenced by any outside sources, nor do I represent any company.***

Monday, November 19, 2012

Urban Decay Build Your Own Palette

Hello everyone! I know it's been literally MONTHS since I've posted, and my blog needs some serious TLC. But today I'm going to write you a review on Urban Decay's Build your own palette system!

What it is:

Urban Decay is coming to you with the ultimate personalized beauty experience. They're known for their palettes, but sometimes not every color is the color you want, and you end up buying an entire palette for just one gorgeous color. While the other colors are neglected and go to waste!
Now you can buy an empty 6 pan palette, and fill it with your own UD shadows. And actually, it doesn't come empty, because every one already includes a free eyeshadow, in ABC Gum (Top Left shadow shown) and you get a brush too!
UD makes it easier than ever to create your perfect palette. Even their depotting system is a breeze. 

Personally, when this was released, I wasn't too overly excited. I only had one shadow that was a single, and I have countless palettes. But recently, UD hosted a flash sale, buy any two eyeshadows, and get the palette (including free shadow) for free. With free shipping. Sold. My guess is that they're either revamping the design, or coming up with a new system, because they're just giving them out like that. Either that, or they're even more amazing than I already thought! I decided to buy Mildew and Loaded, and already owned a single of Mushroom.

Depotting system:

Everybody who has ever tried to depot, or usually depots shadows knows, it's a gamble, and can be messy business. Usually ending up with shadow everywhere, mangled hot plastic, and if worst comes to worst, gouged/broken eyeshadows. 
UD must be aware of this. Because every one of their single eyeshadows is easily depottable. All you literally have to do is flip it upside down, and push on the back! (This is for all the shadows in with NEW token design. The old design is a little more tricky)

Single Shadow
Flip over, push gently on the back. Have it close to a soft surface, or be ready to catch it, because it will pop out easily!
And this is whats left!
One thing I really love about the system, is that it leaves the packaging completely intact. So if you want to take that color out of your palette, or don't feel like lugging the whole palette with you, you can just stick your shadow right back into the single packaging. 
The shadow itself is still housed in some of the plastic surroundings, so its pretty insulated and protected, and this plastic insert fits right into the palette and snaps into place. They're extremely easy to remove or move around in the palette, so you don't have to be too picky when placing them. All of the shadows maintain their labels, so you'll never have to guess which shadows you have.
However, if you plan to depot your UD shadows to place into other palettes (ZPalette, or something that is  NOT The UD palette) you will still need to take another step to get this shadow out from the smaller plastic housing. 


I really like the idea of The UD Build Your Own Palette system. I will be buying two more shadows to fill it up! It was brilliant for them to make their shadows easily depottable to fit the palette, they're really listening to their customers need for customization. I also think making the depotted shadows have a system to fit into their palette only was a clever business strategy. Why wouldn't you buy a UD palette if its the easiest way to get your own custom UD palette?
If it wasn't for the awesome deal they had going on with it, I probably wouldn't have bothered with it though. Its kind of expensive, and filling it up with UD singles gets expensive as well. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain Review and EOTD

Hey guys! Today I did a rather basic, neutral pin up look with some fake lashes. I'm not too big into wearing falsies, but I thought I'd go for something super glamorous today.

My hair is always such a mess xD
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion - Original
  • Revlon Matte Eyeshadow in Vintage Lace
  • Maybelline Eyeshadow in Made For Mocha
  • Illamasqua Eyeshadow in Sex
  • Physician's Formula Lash Boosting Liquid Eyeliner in Ultra Black
  • Rimmel Kohl Pencil in Pure White
  • Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  • ELF Lash Exact Mascara
  • Random no-name lashes
  • Maybelline Eyeshadow in Made For Mocha
  • Ardell Clear Brow Gel
  • Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Darling
Today I didn't applying foundation, concealer, blush, or anything else. I'm not planning on going anywhere, so I didn't feel like bothering. Plus I'm running out of foundation! Oh no!!!

 Anyways, speaking of Revlon, I managed to pick up some of their new Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains yesterday. Anyone remember their Just Bitten Lip Stains? The ones with the marker tip and balm on the other end? I do, and I do NOT have fond memories of them! I tried two different ones, and both of them were ridiculously patchy, drying, and just all around horrible. After that, I was skeptical on Revlon lip products, especially anything with the word 'stain' in it. But I bit the bullet on this one, it looked too promising not to try at least once. I have one already in Honey (not pictured today) and I loved it! They're not drying, easy to apply, and they really do have the staying power of a stain! My local CVS is having an amazing deal on them, so I grabbed up 4 more of them. 

I love these guys. I've never owned one of the Clinic Chubby Sticks, but if I had to guess, I'd stay these are a great dupe for a much more reasonable price. I can apply these once, and my lips will retain the color pretty much through the day! Eating and drinking with these is no problem. If anything, I might have to re-apply once in the middle of my day just to freshen up color. These are also great to layer with any lip glosses!

Left to right: Romantic, Smitten, Sweetheart, and Darling

I was most excited for Darling, however, it seems to be the least pigmented of the ones I grabbed. This is a little disappointing, but at the same time, makes it a lavender color that is not over powering if you're a little shy of color. Sweetheart and Smitten are very similar looking in the swatch, but sweetheart is a tad more 'neon', without being a true neon. You don't have to worry about being scared to apply this if you're not ready for a bright lip yet!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with these lip balm stains. I can definitely say I will always have at least one with me in my purse!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

ELF Haul!

Hey everyone! Today I have a small ELF haul for you! My lovely mother managed to score an AWESOME coupon, which was worth $30 of Studio or Mineral cosmetics from, and all I had to pay was shipping! What a deal! 

I've purchased a few ELF things in the past, but I'm not huge into the brand, not a lot of stores around here carry them, so I don't see them often around here. ELF is known for being insanely affordable, (I'd stay so with a massive $1 line!), and having great quality staple products. So without further hesitation, lets get on to the products I bought!

Lip Lock Pencil in Clear
A few brands such as Too Faced and Urban Decay have clear lip liner pencils, which are insanely universal, seeing as you can wear them with any color! I'm not huge on lip products, especially not lipsticks yet, but I'm dying to try some OCC Lip Tars, and having one universal lip liner for everything seems like a major score!

Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint in Rose

Basically a tinted lip balm, I love the color, and the added SPF!

Glossy Gloss in Sweet Salmon
Sweet Salmon over Rose Lip Tint
Cream Blush in Seductress

This pot of blush is MASSIVE. I'm not huge on cream blushes yet either, but I love the feel of this one. When blending it out, it almost turns into a powdery texture and can be sheered down or built up as much as you'd like.

Exact Lash Mascara in Black
This little guy is meant to be used to lower lashes. It's quite a good formula, my lower lashes are almost as massive as my upper lashes, so they don't really need it, but I've found that this definitely defines and lengthens them nicely. Also, it hasn't smudged under my eyes!

Smudge Brush
Studio Eyeshadows


                                                                   Mystic Moss, Saddle, Pebble
Eyeshadow Transformer Palette
Swatched over Physicians Formula Black Gel Liner

This was the one I was MOST excited about! It's called the Eyeshadow Transformer palette. Basically, it's a set of sheer, pearly eyeshadows, that you can use to layer on top of other eyeshadows to create a totally new look! The blue and pink ones are my favorite at the moment. I have yet to use this in a look, but I can't wait to! They hardly show up on their own, but popped ontop of another color, (especially a dark color like black) they shine!

That's all for now! So far I've been impressed with the quality and affordability of the ELF range! What's your favorite ELF product?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Organizing the Stash

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share this awesome organization thing I found at Office Max this past week. Personally, I love office supply stores, I don't know why, just always have! I can't say I'm the most organized person in the world (more like the opposite) but I love finding things that can help organize me. Especially my main culprit, the massive makeup stash.

As soon as I walked by this guy, I knew it was meant to be. So I picked one up. This blue on holds all of the Concrete Minerals I own, and I still have a drawer and a half empty for more!

It has bars so the drawers don't fall out the sides or the back, they'll only pull out the front, like they're supposed to!

I'd say it's approximately 12in x 12in x 12in cube. It's made of plastic, and kind of flimsy, but all I need it to do is hold my eyeshadow and keep it organized. So it works for me in that aspect. The drawers can be a little finicky, but once again, they were only $10 a piece. 

After I picked up the blue, I went back and grabbed the pink one. (Only two colors they had) and I'm not housing all of my loose/single eyeshadows in it. The top holds single eyeshadows, the second holds single shadows, and cream shadows, the third hold pigments and loose eyeshadows, and the bottom drawer holds all my glitters!


Each drawer also pulls completely out, which is nice so that you don't have to dig around in it for things. You can just pull out the whole drawer, use what you need inside, then stick it right back in.
Between both of these, they hold ALL of my eyeshadows and glitters. All of the single ones anyways. I didn't include my palettes, trios, or anything like that. Although I'd love to get another one for eyeliners,  products, small palettes and trios. But before this my singles were just taking up tons of space on my desk, and had even spilled over onto the top of my printer! Yikes! Maybe not a permanent solution, but it's a good step in the right direction!

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hey everyone! I'm super excited to bring you this review, I finally got my hands on some black glitter! 

There's nothing a goth kid loves more than black, and nothing a makeup freak loves more than glitter, combine the two, and it's got my name written all over it.
Today, I got in the mail, a jar of Medusa's Makeup Glitter in 'Abracadabra' and pure, finely milled, black. I like this glitter because it is extremely fine, it can be layered x1000 to achieve whatever amount of sparkle you're looking for, from just a hint, to full on glitter-tastic.


Each jar comes with 3 grams of product, and is made in the USA (my grandpa would be proud. xD). When I received my jar, it was literally filled to the BRIM with glitter, so there's no shortages of product here! When I placed my order, my package was shipped out later that same day! Although this is my first time using their products, I was impressed by the speed of their processing and shipping. Oh and did I mention that their products are PETA certified? I'm not a total freak for peta or anything, but it helps me rest easy knowing my makeup hasn't been rubbed in some poor creature's eyeballs.
Bottom line, I will definitely order from Medusa's Makeup again. I can't help buy eye up all those gorgeous products on their website!

***Disclaimer*** Products shown were sent to me by the company for the purpose of reviewing. However, complimentary products never receive special treatment, I review them just like I'd review something I bought myself. My opinions expressed here are purely my own, and are not influenced by any outside sources, nor do I represent any company.***

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The New Eyes of Concrete Minerals

A week or so ago, something amazing happened to me. I got an email, from a beloved indie makeup company, Concrete Minerals . I've posted about them plenty of times here, there, and everywhere! They're an amazing company, always thinking of their customers, and always looking to improve themselves. Upon receiving the email, I was slightly confused, seeing as I haven't ordered anything in a long while from them, so I opened it, and couldn't believe the words I was reading! The lovely ladies at Concrete Minerals LOVE my work, and offered me to be the new 'eyes' for their expansion to bigger, and better websites!
So basically, MY eyes will be the color swatches, for all of the eyeshadows they release on these websites. Shock, honor, and excitement! Along with that amazing news, they also sent me FULL SIZES of their colors I don't have, in order to complete the swatches. I've been working on the swatches for the colors I own, and today, I got my amazing Makeup Mail package from them!

It really is an honor, a dream come true, to have an amazing company approach me, and ask me to be a part of something huge like this! First, Concrete Minerals, next, THE WORLD! I will have to do another post linking to to website my eyeballs will be debuting on, but until then, I'm going to be busy busy playing with all of this makeup!
Zombie Girl Collection completed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Second Ulta Haul!

Hey everyone! I'm back again! After my last Ulta haul, they gave me tons of coupons, which (of course) could not be used online, I guess that only meant I had to go back! (Shame, right?)
This time around, the 'haul' isn't nearly as big, as my budget, boyfriend, and bank account won't allow me to really purchase everything I want. (Even though I really, really need it. Sort of.) Anyways, take a look at some of the things I picked up this time around with my coupons!

Ulta 'Beauty Smoothie'. This smelled so delicious, and at 50% off, it was a huge size, and I love that it has multiple purposes!
Punky Colour hair dye in 'Purple' 
My hair has had purple in it, underneath burgundy, for a while now. Last brand I tried (some Sally's brand, can't remember!) Turned my hair lavender. It was supposed to be bright purple! Well, after a week of lavender, which I could live with, it has now turned grey where it's supposed to be purple. I've never tried Punky Colours before, but I've heard all good things. Will post a review after I use it!

J.R. Watkins Sample Set
Originally, I was just looking for a cuticle cream or oil, but I stumbled upon this little box of treasures, and it intrigued me immensely. This was a sample set from the company J.R. Watkins, I'd never heard of them before, but everything is natural, and looks cute! The set has quite a few things in it, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Two mini hand and body lotions, one in Aloe and Green Tea, the other in Mango, one mini Rejuvenating foot cream in Peppermint, two mini Hand Creams, one in Aloe and Green Tea, one in Lemon Cream, two Cuticle Salves, one in Lemon and one in Lavender, and one Peppermint Lip Balm. So far I've only tried the lip balm and cuticle salves, but everything smells lovely! Can't wait to try them!

OPI Nail Lacquer in 'Save Me' 
Clear base, silver micro glitter, and holographic straight-cut glitter. *Drools*
Where has this polish been all of my life?!

NYX Liquid Crystal Liner in 'Crystal Silver'

NYX Slide on Extreme Shine Eye Liner in 'Tropical Green'
NYX Retractable Eyeliner in 'Silver'
'Tropical Green' I was too pale to get a good swatch of the silver!
NYX Jumbo Pencil in 'Pacific' 

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors in 'Castle'

Well guys, that about sums it up for now. I can't wait to test and try some of these new products I picked up! My wallet won't allow my next haul to be for a very, veryy long time. (Booo) But in the meantime, that just gives time for even more exciting new things to come out!

Also, the mall I visited with the Ulta in it, had the most adorable kitten store. They had cats and kittens, roaming free and in cages, just chillin in the store, coming up to say 'hi!' and looking for lovins. If you don't know this by now, there are about three things that make my life bearable; Makeup, Cats, and Industrial Music. I probably spent as much time in there as I did in Ulta!

I can't believe this cutie-pie has avoided making an appearance in my blog so far!