Saturday, July 5, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Geek Chic Cosmetics

So, I know it's Saturday, and you're probably all like 'Where's the Sample Saturday post?!' Well, shit, I'm thinking the same thing. Unfortunately I've fallen victim YET AGAIN to an allergic reaction to a product, this time, a latex free (I know, like, seriously?) eyelash glue, and am not able to wear contacts, eye makeup, or film for a few days while they heal. BOO! 

ANYWAYS! I wanted to still do a focus on an indie brand, and this is one you've seen a few times if you've been watching and reading my Sample Saturday episodes! This post is gonna be all about Geek Chic Cosmetics!

Geek Chic is an indie cosmetics line, that focuses on creating cosmetics around all sorts of geekery. If you are into certain fandoms, you will INSTANTLY recognize names and collections from some of your favorite video games, anime, tv series, and movies! Their products are 100% vegan AND cruelty free.
I had ordered 9 sample eyeshadows, just to try. They also sell lip products, a few face products, nail polish (seems like they're getting ready to relaunch those soon), and solid perfume. They looked incredible on the website, and damn, do they look just as incredible in person! Sometimes there are just eyeshadows that BEG to have their macro, close-up shots taken! I just chosen a few samples of shades that REALLY stood out to me, (or with names that I just couldn't possible pass up!)

Collections: The Game is On, This Isn't a Democracy, and Go Boldly
High-Functioning Sociopath
Clementine Will Remember
Blood Wine
Swatched dry with no base or primer!
Collection: Fellowship
One Ring
Samwise The Brave
Swatched dry with no primer or base!
Collection: Timey Wimey
We Are Coming
Bad Wolf
Swatched dry with no primer or base!
Collection: Witchcraft and Wizardry
Golden Trio
Mischief Managed
Swatched dry with no primer or base!
Some of these shades are just brilliant, unlike any that I currently have in my collection! Samples can be ordered of most colors for $1.25. While that's a pretty cheap price, I will say that some of my samples seemed to be a little lighter than others. Full sizes are only $5.99, which is a great price, but you only get 1 gram of product inside. I still personally chose to purchase samples, because I rarely go through a full sized eyeshadow, and if I end up using up a sample, THEN I'll purchase a full size for sure! 

I have since order more samples (and admittedly, a couple full size) shadows from Geek Chic! I have been loving them, especially the ones with the stunning microglitters in them, I can't get enough! I hope to try MANY more colors from this brand, and hell, I'd even be down to try their lip products, blushes, and solid perfumes too! 

I'd definitely recommend checking out Geek Chic if you're into any nerdy fandom, OR if you just like really, really pretty colors! 

Which the fandoms immortalized in makeup from Geek Chic calls the most to you? Also, what other brands have you seen me use in Sample Saturday (or any!) tutorials that you'd like to see an Indie Spotlight post on? 

[This product was purchased by me with my own money and I'm not in any way endorsed or affiliated with Geek Chic Cosmetics.]


  1. Have you tried pressing these? Would they lose their beauty if one did? I order some samples from geek chic and was hoping to know if they are press-able (not a word but you catch my drift). Thanks.

    1. I haven't yet! It's so hard to say, like I can imagine pressing One Ring, and it turning into a beautiful, silky gold shadow to work with, but then again, it might be flaky. Maybe I'll try to press one with one of the full sizes I got when they arrive, that way if it doesn't work out, the whole thing won't be to waste!

    2. That would be awesome. I hope to hear soon how it turns out.

  2. I think GCC makes beautiful colors. Love your feature!

  3. I love Geek Chic. I only ever really buy samples, especially as an international customer (saves on shipping and costs) and I'm yet to actually finish a Geek Chic sample, they last forever!

  4. So basically Ive been subbed to your channel for awhile now and I remember the sample saturday when you used the Fellowship collection (maybe it was just One ring?) But I totally forgot all about it until like two weeks ago when I was looking for an awesome LOTR skirt and your Ytube popped up with that same damn Sample saturday and I freaked out thinking they probably took down the fellowship collection... BUT LUCKILY THEY DID'NT!!!! I went and ordered them all :D plus a few others because honestly who could resist N7, ever in your favor(?? i think thats what they called Hunger games' collection) and Auryn!!! I wasn't even honestly knowledgeable about indie Brands until I started watching you and since then i've definitely bought way more indie makeup then actual higher end makeup! So I appreciate you for that :3 I think it was actually because of you that I started my ytube channel.. The strange and unusual need to broadcast how awesome we can be. My channel name is Uglyfromwithin if you ever get a chance to stop by =^.^=