Thursday, May 8, 2014

Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Mineral Foundation Review

Hey everyone! Today's review is coming to you from the fabulous feline world of Meow Cosmetics!

I was actually given the chance to try this foundation due to a makeup swap I had done recently with an international friend of mine (Hi Annika!) She had informed me that the shade she picked out was too light for her, and that I should give it a try! Well, it happened to be a nearly perfect match!

The shade I have is 1- Sleek Siamese. Sleek referring to the actual shade (0-lightest 6-darkest) and Siamese referring to the neutral undertone. Munchkin refers to the size of the jar. Meow sells $1 samples, Munchkin sizes (varies in price) and massive Full Size jars that also vary in price. If I were purchasing/repurchasing for myself, I'd probably go for some of the cooler undertones, Sphynx, Chausie, or maybe even try Himalayan. I really love that they sell samples, because it's already hard enough to shop for foundations online, it's even harder when they provide such a massive shade range!
There are also three levels of coverage available. Purr-fect Puss (Light/Medium), Pampered Puss (Medium Layerable), and the one I have, Flawless Feline (Heavy Coverage). For a mineral foundation, which I usually don't gravitate towards (I just prefer pressed products overall), this foundation has excellent coverage. I myself love using it to set liquid foundation for an absolutely flawless finish, or I can use it on it's own over moisturizer (like I did in my review video!)

1 - Sleek Siamese
Wearing over Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 0.5
I don't find it to give me a solid, blank, matte finish, but it's definitely not dewy, or even a satin finish. Closer to matte than any other foundation finish really. I like to apply this with a flat-top brush, or a kabuki brush, you can see my application in my video review here!:

Overall, I am REALLY loving this mineral foundation. I've never been one to enjoy loose powders much, and I can't compare to Bare Minerals, as I haven't tried it in years. But I can say that I WILL be repurchasing this foundation from Meow Cosmetics. And maybe getting a few samples of other shades to find the kitten that really suits me best! I definitely recommend getting samples of the different shades/levels of coverage you think you'd like and giving them a shot! You're sure to find a shade that's just purrrfect for you! 

[This product was sent to me by a friend (NOT Meow Cosmetics!) and I'm not in any way endorsed or affiliated with Meow Cosmetics. This review is my own, honest opinon]


  1. I hated the bare Minerals sampler I got from Sephora. It turned orange instantly. I also don't gravitate towards mineral foundation, but I don't mind loose powder any more than I mind pressed. I somehow make a mess of both anyway...XD I think I'll load up on samples of this, it just looks great. I was concerned about the titanium dioxide initially (allergic to titanium oh noes!), but since its sitting on the skin instead of sinking in like liquid foundation, it shouldn't break me out in theory.

    1. It's worth a shot for a buck I think! If I remember correctly, everything I tried from Bare Minerals was orange-y on me too. Just, ugh. Translucent-skinned people exist too! xD