Thursday, July 26, 2012

The New Eyes of Concrete Minerals

A week or so ago, something amazing happened to me. I got an email, from a beloved indie makeup company, Concrete Minerals . I've posted about them plenty of times here, there, and everywhere! They're an amazing company, always thinking of their customers, and always looking to improve themselves. Upon receiving the email, I was slightly confused, seeing as I haven't ordered anything in a long while from them, so I opened it, and couldn't believe the words I was reading! The lovely ladies at Concrete Minerals LOVE my work, and offered me to be the new 'eyes' for their expansion to bigger, and better websites!
So basically, MY eyes will be the color swatches, for all of the eyeshadows they release on these websites. Shock, honor, and excitement! Along with that amazing news, they also sent me FULL SIZES of their colors I don't have, in order to complete the swatches. I've been working on the swatches for the colors I own, and today, I got my amazing Makeup Mail package from them!

It really is an honor, a dream come true, to have an amazing company approach me, and ask me to be a part of something huge like this! First, Concrete Minerals, next, THE WORLD! I will have to do another post linking to to website my eyeballs will be debuting on, but until then, I'm going to be busy busy playing with all of this makeup!
Zombie Girl Collection completed!


  1. Congrats!! Looking forward to your posts!

  2. So yours is the eye I'm admiring on Concrete Minerals FB page! You do some really gorgeous looks, thanks to you Concrete Minerals is on my WL for a long long time now.

  3. Obviously this is a bit delayed, but congratulations. I imagine that was unbelievably exciting. You do great work, and you have gorgeous eyes. If only you could teach me to better do eyeliner. ;-)