Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Makeup Purge!

I'm planning a huge trip to Ulta soon. (We don't have one around where I live!) So I just purged my makeup collection of everything used up, possibly expired, or too gross to use!  Here's what I got rid of, and why.

  • Samples of Kat Von D Pigments in Torment and Johnette. My samples were completely used up! I decided to purchase the full size of Johnette!
  • Sample of Make Up For Ever Full Coverage Concealer. Once again, my sample is completely used up. That tiny amount lasted me about 2 months. Definitely planning on purchasing the full size, even if it is expensive!
  • Ardell Powder Brow Color. This powder shattered in the pan a few weeks after I got it. The color wasn't quite right for my hair color, so I decided not to fix it, and to just toss it.
  • CoverGirl Lipslicks lip color in Demure. I tried using this for the sake of using it up, but god, it is sooo awful. The taste and smell are just wretched. I can't bring myself to use it anymore!
  • Maybelline The Falsies mascara. I keep trying this and trying this hoping it'll live up to the hype everyone gives it, but it just doesn't do it for me. Can't bring myself to use it instead of my other favorite mascaras!
  • Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains. These are just awful. Patchy, drying beyond belief, and the added balm doesnt do anything. And broke off one of my tube after the first use! I even bought a second one, hoping the color I got just wasn't working for me, but that wasn't the case. I'm tossing both of them. In Beloved and Midnight. 
  • Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation. I bought the lightest color they sold, but it's still wayyy too orangey for my skin tone. Plus is feels very heavy on me. No go for this one.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Tranforming Potion. This is supposed to be a clean liquid, which lets you use any eyeshadow you have and turn it into a liquid liner. Not as spectacular as it sounds. I'd rather use an angled brush and water for the same effect! Good thing I got it on sale for like $2. So I don't feel so bad tossing it, as it just takes up space on my desk.
  • Urban Decay Liquid Liner in Ecstasy. I was eyeing these forever, and I finally bought one discounted from All Cosmetics Wholesale. Well, I think the one I got is quite told. It's more of a solidish, chunky liquid. It doesn't even move in the bottle itself! I thought of thinning it down to try to get more use out of it, but it's probably already quite old before it got into my hands, So I'll just toss it and take a loss. Better luck next time!
  • Warpaint Beauty Eyeshadow Roller Ball. I got this as a gift in a Warpaint (Hot Topic Brand) box set. I absolutely loved the perfume and lip gloss, but this eyeshadow in a roller ball thing is a total fail. While the idea is very cool, there is almost nooo color pay off. And you can't control the pigment or placement at all! 
  • Wet N Wild Cover All Stick. Could be a great, thick concealer, but once again, the lightest color is too dark for me. It tends to get patchy under my eyes as well.

Well guys, that my makeup purge before the big trip to Ulta! I'll definitely be posting a haul blog once I return! I've already got my wishlist full of things I want to buy there!

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