Saturday, August 3, 2013

Concrete Color Collections: Purple

Hello everyone! 

I came up with this idea for a new blog 'series', and you guys seemed to think it was a great idea when I posted it on Facebook. In case you missed it, I will be going through the ENTIRE Concrete Minerals collection, and posting swatches and photos of the shadows in each color. (Purples, Greens, Blues, etc) So you guys can see the shades side by side. Because I am the eye model for CM, I do own the entire current collection, not including shadows that were discontinued or limited edition before the website was re-vamped. Since I have all of them, I figured I can use that to help YOU decide on your favorite shades! I decided to start with purple, (one of my personal favorite colors of all time). 

I hope you enjoy!

  1. Queen (Pro-Matte) - Royal, matte purple
  2. Ravage (Pro-Matte) - Bright, matte purple
  3. Seance - Deep purple w/ lavender sheen
  4. Jezebel - Shimmery purple
  5. Unity - Vibrant purple with gold sparkle
  6. Nightmare (Zombie Girl Collection) - electric purple w/ pink sparkle
  7. Storm - Dark matte purple
  8. Wicked - Medium purple w/ aquamarine shift
(All descriptions taken from Concrete Minerals Website)
Left to Right: Queen, Ravage, Seance, Jezebel, Unity, Nightmare, Storm, and Wicked. (Swatched over Concrete Minerals Electric Eye Primer)
Favorites: Queen, Nightmare, Wicked, and Unity

Which shades are your favorites?! Which ones do you already own?

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