Sunday, August 11, 2013

Concrete Color Collections: Blue and Teal!

Hello everyone! 

Next color in line for the Concrete Minerals swatches is going to be blues and teals!! I have to apologize, as I did forget to swatch/show one color. But I'll still list the color description for you!

I hope you enjoy!

  1. Domino (Pro-Matte) - Matte, peacock blue
  2. Bulletproof (Pro-Matte) - Electric, matte blue
  3. The Vaccine (Zombie Girl Collection) - steel blue-grey w/ bright green duochrome
  4. Daydream - Shimmery baby blue
  5. Infinity - Smooth aqua-blue
  6. Zealous - Vibrant turquoise
  7. Temptress - Dark teal w/ gold sparkle
  8. Los Angelitos (Sugar Skull Collection) - bright aquamarine
  9. Bang Up - Electric blue w/ gold sparkle
  10. Kinky - Black-base teal w/ rainbow sparkle
  11. Souljourner - Midnight blue with copper sparkle
  12. Saint (Sugar Skull Collection) - navy blue-purple
  13. Bruise (Pro-Matte, NOT PICTURED) - Matte, navy blue
(All descriptions taken from Concrete Minerals Website)

Left to Right: Domino, Bulletproof, The Vaccine, Daydream, Infinity, Zealous, Temptress, Los Angelitos, Bang Up, Kinky, Souljourner, Saint
Favorites: Bulletproof, Daydream, and Souljourner

Which shades are your favorites?! Which ones do you already own?


  1. Gorgeous shades, Souljourner looks similar to my eye colour so these shades would work really well for me!

  2. I'm in love with all these colours! My favs are Daydream, Zealous and Saint . Unfortunately i don't have any, but i'm tempted to try !