Friday, November 21, 2014

Indie Spotlight: Insomnia Cosmetics!

Long time no post!
I figured I'd bring my blog back from the dead with a quick indie spotlight post on a company I've recently discovered, and come to love myself: Insomnia Cosmetics!

Insomnia Cosmetics is an indie company that makes unique, cruelty free lipsticks. (And more recently, gel eyeliner!) I was drawn to the brand by their grey lipstick, Cult Insomnia, and I haven't looked back yet! I also most recently purchased their Halloween collection, Casket Ready. This collection includes 5, limited edition, halloween lipstick, and the colors are literally to DIE for. 

Here is my review video on the lipsticks I currently own, you can watch me do live lip swatches for every color!:

Left to Right: Antidote, Superstition, Menace, Bone Dust, 3am, Cult Insomnia, and Witch Hunt
Overall, I am in love with the creamy formula of these. I realize in the video I said 'matte' finish, but after thinking about it, none of these are actually matte. They just don't contain any shimmer, I'd call them more of a cream finish lipstick! Antidote and Superstition are slightly dry, and less opaque than the rest of them, but with the exception of those two, they are all opaque, beautiful, and easy to wear! 

I am absolutely LOVING Insomnia Cosmetics. If you have tried anything from this brand before, what colors are your tried and true favorites?! If not, what colors speak the loudest to you? 

[All lipsticks purchased by me with my own money with the exception of Cult Insomnia and Witch Hunt, sent to me by Insomnia Cosmetics. All opinions are my own, as always]


  1. I would love to see a grey lipstick comparison post! I have been hunting them down for a while now too but all of them are from the us which makes shipping really expensive. All in all I dont want to just buy something that might not look good on my skintone since the very very few swatches for grey lipsticks are usually on paler people. but with a comparison I could maybe decided on just one to try

    1. Hi! We here at Insomnia have $6 international shipping!

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