Monday, November 28, 2011

Brutal Bitch!!! Bitch Slap Cosmetics and Beauty From The Earth.

Today I received my most recent makeup orders in the mail from Bitch Slap Cosmetics and Beauty From The Earth Cosmetics!
Lets start with Bitch Slap. The only thing I ordered is the 'Brutal Bitch by Naya' leopard print palette: I chose this label, but I don't remember what it was named.(Kinda cool that you get to choose which label you like best though!)

 And heres what I did with it:

All in all I love the colors. There was really no description on the website as to whether it was matte, shimmer, or glitter finish or anything, from their photo, I was expecting a matte pallet, but there's a hint of shimmer in these. Oh well, still love it! The purple has to be my least favorite (go figure, it's the largest part of it), I was expecting it to be a little more vibrant, but I really don't own anything near this color of purple anyways. So it's not completely a loss!
I believe one of these leopard print palettes costs $25. They have them in a variety of color combos, but this one was the most interesting to me! Shipping was pretty quick and easy for me. $5, which I think is pretty reasonable. I know there's some drama surrounding Bitch Slap Cosmetics (that I was not aware of until AFTER I made my purchase), but all and all, they get a thumbs up from me for now.

Now for Beauty From the Earth!
I ordered 1 full size mineral shadow, 3 sample size mineral shadows, and I got one free sample mineral shadow with my order! Swatch time:

Left to Right: Isis, Mutiny, Wicked, Coal, and Peacock (Swatched over Hard Candy Eyeshadow Primer)     
Isis - Gorgeous deep shimmery red. Almost a burgundy tone.
Mutiny - Shimmery yellow-gold
Wicked - Light purple base, with a green shift to it. Very shimmery and pretty. I think I'm going to be using this over black.
Coal - Nice medium matte grey
Peacock - Tealish/blue with a green shimmer to it. Very pretty!

I'm pretty happy with the colors I chose. Peacock was my free sample, that I did not choose, but I still love it! I haven't actually used these on my eyes yet, but I'm extremely excited to. They're so soft and pigmented, and they go on my skin like a dream!
BFTE is, in my opinion, very fairly priced. One full size jar is $6, and sample sized jars are $2. However, every week or so they have a 'Color of the Week', you get a full size jar of it for $2, so I definitely took advantage of that when I ordered. (Mutiny was the COTW) Shipping was pretty quick too. I will definitely order from Beauty From The Earth again. (Keeping my eyes out for those colors of the week!) They also sell a pressing kit, for pressing your loose shadows, which I'm interested in, but I already have everything I need for pressing eyeshadow. I'm going to post a tutorial as soon as I get my empty pans and palette! That's all I'm waiting on!

So that's about it for these two companies! What are your experiences with them?


  1. I've ordered from BFTE cosmetics twice and was really happy with them! I don't wear make up all that often, though I have a slight obsession with it. I ordered a few different sample jars and they arrived pretty quickly (too Australia). They are my favourite loose eyeshadows that I own. They are a great price, highly pigmented and are really comfy to wear.

    1. Definitely! I will be ordering from them again in the future. There are some colors I tried that I just NEED full size jars in!